The Power of Unplugging

The Power of Unplugging

Imagine a day without distractions. In our society, such a day is hard to imagine and for those with addiction, it's a day even harder to actualize. March 10, 2018 is #NationalDayofUnplugging. The project of Reboot, this day is meant to be a 24 hour global disconnect from technology and a re-connection with ourselves and loved ones in real time with a genuine opportunity for meditation and mindfulness.

The health benefits of meditation are well-known. Stress reduction, anxiety control, positive emotional health are just a few. It has also been suggested that meditation helps fight addiction. Research has shown that meditation may help people learn to redirect their attention, increase their willpower, control their emotions and impulses and increase their understanding of the causes behind their addictive behaviors.

Meghan O’Connor, M.Ed., NCC is the Experiential Therapist at Oxford Treatment Center in Mississippi. She leads mindfulness groups with clients that deal with the disease of addiction. For her clients, cutting out the electronics is easy, they’re already not allowed at the center. It is the focus and isolating of thoughts and senses that poses a problem for many that she teaches.“In active addiction, people lose that mind-body connection, or even intentionally try to disconnect by seeking the feeling of being out of your body. So we do exercises that help rebuild that connection,” says O’Connor.

On Wednesday, March 13, 2018, the Coalition will be hosting a Path to Wellness event. Attendees will have the opportunity to actively participate in 5 mini wellness sessions, each one offering a unique step on a path to wellness. Check back here for more information.

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