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Dark Web Marketplace to Curb Sale of Fentanyl

Even the dark web may have a conscience. A collection of thousands of websites that hide their IP addresses to promote anonymity while selling stolen credit cards and drugs, the dark web may be bending on its "free market for all, all the time" ideology. Earlier this month, the New York Times reported that Hansa Market, one of the largest marketplaces in the dark web, announced its plans...

NYC-Overdoses Involving Cocaine and Fentanyl Up 26%

In a press release issued on June 1, 2017, the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene announced that fentanyl is being increasingly found in cocaine-involved overdose deaths. The release offered some sobering statistics:
  • in 2016 37% of overdose deaths involved cocaine and fentanyl without heroin, up from 11% in 2015.
  • last year, more than 1,300 New Yorkers died of a drug overdose and 44% of those deaths involved fentanyl.

Death by a Snowflake-Elephant Tranquilizers

Carfentanil is a growing drug trend in the U.S.  An animal tranquilizer used on livestock and elephants with no practical uses for humans, carfentanil is as much as 100 times more potent than fentanyl. (which is 50 times stronger than heroin).  Experts suggest that an amount smaller than a snowflake could kill a person. The weapons-grade chemical is suspected in hundreds of drug overdoses in the U.S. and Canada.  It has...