When They Know They Are Being Manipulated — It Can Help

When They Know They Are Being Manipulated — It Can Help

These are intense, social, political, medical, and emotional times. Here is the thing — getting more breaks from social media and screen time, in general, can serve as a positive recharge for our kids. But how to do this? I want to suggest a really important conversation that might motivate your kids and teens to sign off a bit more.

First, we know via research and experience that as kids mature into their teen years, they become more prone to experiencing negative feelings toward signs of injustice. They also become more upset than when they were younger when they learn that they are being taken advantage of or manipulated.

So now, let's talk about tech companies. We all know that tech companies do a lot to keep our kids on screens. Indeed their business model depends on it — our kids do not pay for apps such as Snapchat or TikTok with dollars, but rather they pay with their attention. Given this, what do you think teens’ answers would be if they were asked if tech companies manipulate people?

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