Digital War on Drugs-There’s An App for That

Digital War on Drugs-There’s An App for That

As part of the ongoing battle against the opioid epidemic, law enforcement and first responders have had to develop unique combat tools. And now there's an app to add to their arsenal.

A web-based tool, called the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program, or ODMAP, charts suspected overdoses and alerts public safety officials to spikes in opioid emergencies.  First created by the Washington/Baltimore division of the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, the app provides a quick and easy method of recording an overdose in real time. Also recorded is whether the overdose was fatal or nonfatal and whether Narcan was administered. It is being used by first responders, public safety and public health officials across the country.

The ability to determine trends as they are happening is crucial. When overdoses cluster in a particular area, police and fire chiefs get email alerts. This enables them to develop responses appropriate to the situation and in a more timely manner.

Launched in January, ODMAP is being used in 85 counties in 19 states. The app is not accessible by the general public and it does not collect a victim's name, age, exact address or any other identifying information. It is free to use and requires only a smartphone.



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